Frequently Asked Questions



How do we fit ANY coat?

WELL! They effortlessly zip on to a majority of winter coat models. AND all of our ruffs come with a matching zipper, so the other side can be sewn onto your coat. Do it yourself, or find a seamstress near you! We’re big fans of Stitch It.




How should I take care of my fur?

To enhance the appearance of the fur ruff or cuff, we recommend to lightly steam, shake and fluff it to bring out its natural beauty and luster. Try to keep it dry from rain, but nothing looks better than freshly fallen snowflakes on the fur.

Our Warranty: If your Arctic Trim fur ever loses its vibrant luster, we will have it cleaned for you at Hollanderizing - the Specialists in Outerwear Care. 




How do I attach my ruff and cuff?

For the Ruffs

Step 1: Unzip the unwanted fur ruff.

Step 2: Zip on your Arctic Trim Ruff.


For the Cuffs

For a visual, take a look at the video on our homepage.

Step 1: Slide cuff over the sleeve with the black fabric ring pointed out, hanging off the edge of the sleeve.

Step 2: Fold the fabric over the sleeve (the magnets will attach to those inside the cuff, catching the sleeve in between) for a secure yet removable attachment.

Note: Some winter coats have sleeves that have space between the outer material and the inner ribbing; it is ideal to place the black fabric ring in-between this space.



Tell me about your fur! 

Our trims are made with real, European furs.

All of the animals are treated in accordance with national codes of practice and regulations. We are committed to using only Certified fur, thereby ensuring that the animals are well cared for, and have a happy life. 


Do you pay for shipping everywhere in Canada? 

We pay for shipping to most places in Canada. However, if you live somewhere far far away and remote, we may contact you to pay for shipping. But we hope to get your Arctic Trim to you wherever you are! 


Who took your wonderful photographs? 

David Leyes is the talented photographer behind the portrait shots and Rachel Bromberg is the talented photographer behind the product shots.